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Ares Gina Jennifer Heart of Darkness
As soon as this scan was posted, everyone went crazy walling with it - and why not?  I love this shot so much I once tried to scan my T-Shirt.  (FWIW, not a good idea, especially one as well-loved as mine.) Made this in a fit of enthusiasm upon reading descriptions of upcoming TV shows, and learning that she would be starring in one.  Unfortunately, as of this writing, it's already canceled.  Poop. In the same fit of enthusiasm, to celebrate her presence on the opening episode of, er, some dumb show I don't watch.  She also showed up as a suspect on CSI. This one was trapped in the "Development Hell" folder for a long, long time.  I don't know why, but I still don't feel like it's finished.  Still, sometimes you just have to let them go.
True Love Icon Haughty Hero
For "Animals" theme night.  The most important one in the show.  Definitely a beloved character. This is from the Amazon High recycled episode, but it truly is a stunningly iconic shot.  Quite proud of this. Someone posted that they love shots of Xena in her various "Roman" outfits.  I think I could have done better on the columns, but overall, I like this effect. This wall cheers me up when I'm down.  Yes, I found him extremely irritating when the show was on, but now that the show has moved into a realm of myth, his irrepressible nature really kinda picks me up.
Winter Eve Destroyer Cupid 2003 Calendar/Inside Cover
I really like this one, partly because I can't decide whether I overdid the "airbrushing" or not.  It's compelling, you've gotta grant that. Oooooh, she's evil.  The green squiggles on her chin give just a hint of evil serpent effect.  (Though I personally have rejected the link between the two.) On a "who haven't I done" mission.  Very happy with how it came out. The group has been collaborating on a yearly calendar for ages, this year I was finally on the ball enough to bag a slot.  And, a few were professionally printed and auctioned at a recent convention!  Ooooh.
Girl in the Sun Exotic Goddess I Exotic Goddess II Power
Just a lovely, happy shot.  I was trying to get something that looked like her swirling, windblown hair was filling up the frame.  Couldn't, so, slap an effect on that sucker!  This look is the challenger with the Empress for best look.  She just wears  the look so well.  This  one was a result of "lets see how this looks".  And then, "that's not what I want, but too good to toss.' Here's what I was going for.  A light in the darkness. This is another re-work.  I love Caesar - he's so damn bad.  Apparently, in Xena's world, progress  is bad.  Even though she uses a telescope centuries before glass.
Can't Be Ultraviolet Blue Eyed Devil Poptart
From Iolaus' guest appearance in The Quest - just received the horrible information that Xena is dead. "Colors" night - my favorite!  I love the color, the shot, everything. A new, much loved member of our group is Mirrordrum.  She has done a great bunch of walls of Xena superimposed over interesting landscapes.  This is my imitation. I love this shot.  But the line of her boob being so far above the line of the "cup" of her wipped cream bra really bugs me.  My skills weren't up to fixing it (and making her boob bigger), but I didn't give up on the wall.
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